Meeting Metal Challenges

We try to avoid bigger is better, because it will not make you any wiser. Instead we will help you become wiser by thinking things through, for and with you.


The story of Van Hoof

About 10,000 square metres. Almost a hundred skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. A history dating back 50 years. Three subsidiary companies. One location. When added together, they result in the metal-processing business of the Van Hoof Group. In Asten – centrally situated in the knowledge region of Brainport – together with our client, we develop total solutions through co-engineering, gear cutting, milling, laser cutting, folding, punching, lasering, grinding, turning, rolling or a combination of them.

This is Van Hoof

The core services such as co-engineering, production (sheet-metal work and machining) and assembly guarantee a well thought-out, cost-effective and optimised final product.

The Van Hoof Groep has set up a project to give employees more responsibility. What’s the idea behind this? An employee who takes pleasure in his or her work, will perform better. In the end, the people who have to do the job, know best how to get it done.

Nicol van Hoof

Working at the Van Hoof Groep

Develop yourself with Van Hoof. Find the right job, apprenticeship, or basic vocational learning pathway (BBL) that suits you, and go for it!

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