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We love to be of service

The strength of Van Hoof doesn’t lie in our individual services, but in their combination.


Together with the customer, concepts are then refined and optimized to bring optimum efficiency to bear during production. Are there no in-house engineers available for technical drawings? Do you need to engage experts in the field of strength calculations for gearwheels? The Van Hoof Groep can help you with this too. If required, our experienced engineering department can be engaged to design production drawings from A to Z.

Sheet-metal work

The Van Hoof Groep’s innovative character and ultramodern machinery contribute to our specialisation in the field of structural and aesthetic sheet-metal work. The high-tech, computer-controlled sheet-metal processing machines, laser cutters, angle benders and the latest acquisition, a combination punch-laser machine, provide virtually endless product options.

Gear cutting and machining

The Van Hoof Groep engages professionals who are equipped with modern computer-controlled machining centres, of which many with robots. Gear cutting, turning, milling and grinding or a combination can be done in one step. Robots direct the materials, so the machine can operate unmanned. As a result, we work fast, accurately and flexibly. As a gearwheel specialist, we can develop complete gearwheels or transmissions, for which we have all the necessary software on hand.


At the Van Hoof Groep we have knowledge about all types of gears and gearboxes: we know when a machine component runs well or not. This is why, in addition to production – and to unburden the customer – we offer assembly as a service. We also produce accurate welding and sheet-metal work assemblies in-house.

The Van Hoof Groep’s cleanroom standard is classified as class 4 (10,000) for assembly of particle-sensitive parts. The parts and components that we manufacture are assembled into a module or sub-module. Our extensive knowledge and experience in this field also enables us to take responsibility for assembly of electronic components.

Quality control

We continuously invest in our people and machinery, ensuring our quality to remain at a high standard. Everything we deliver – whether it’s part number 1 or 1,000 – has the same high-quality finish. We can guarantee this by working with 3D measuring machines and special serration gauges, and also thanks to our routine inspections of the process and product, and the final inspection.


Finally, the parts are packaged in sturdy cardboard boxes. For exceptional sizes or repetitive batches, we prefer to use customized casings. For each product category, we determine what the safest packaging solution is in consultation with the client. Options are to make special casings, sealing or varying box and pallet sizes. Hence, we seek an ideal balance between weight and protection.

Can we also be of service to you?

Please contact the metal specialists of the Van Hoof Group today. We like to help seek solutions.

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