Gear Cutting

When you work with the Van Hoof Groep, a team of experts goes to work for you, using the latest CNC machining centres – with and without robotic assistance.

Gear cutting, turning, milling, grinding or even a combination of any of these in a single step. Unattended operation is even possible thanks to our robotic material feeding and handling systems, making production faster, more accurate and more flexible.

What’s more, you need look no further than the Van Hoof Groep for gear and/or transmission system engineering and development – we’ve already got all the required expertise and specialist software in-house! Our specialists can determine whether gears have the right geometry and required strength, and if not, advise you about suitable alternatives. The ultimate in this respect is gear grinding.

In fact, we’re so specialised in gear cutting and drive components that there’s little competition, certainly with as much expertise and experience as we have. You’ll be left with no doubts about this claim when you see the impressive machinery and software our gear-cutting experts use day in, day out.

Take a look at some of our machinery.

Precision machining to thousandths of a millimetre, maximum turning diameters of 650 mm and ultramodern lathes – all under one roof at the Van Hoof Groep! Ground gears to Class 3 tolerances and a module of 0.8 aren’t a problem for us, and when we mill gears, we can cut them with modules as low as 0.25. You can rest assured that as gear-cutting specialists turning is in our DNA – round means round!

Our strength lies in small batches, repeat orders, product development and pilot runs. You’ll find us to be creative, innovative and flexible to work with, and you can rely on us for the highest-quality finished products imaginable – be they gears (spur, skew, helical, conical), worms, sprockets, splines, rack pinions, etc.


We’ve joined forces with Craft Education! Why? Because we’re eager to share our knowledge and expertise with our customers and partners. Together we’ve developed an e-learning module about gear cutting.

Watch our video.


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For your dust-sensitive components and sub-assemblies, we’ve even got an ISO Class 4 clean room (max. 10,000 particles/m3 ≥0.1 μm). We build your assemblies and sub-assemblies using the parts and components we produce on your behalf and even any electronic componentry you supply us!

With this type of expertise and experience, it’s no surprise we work for a wide range of high-tech companies in the south of the Netherlands known as the ‘Brainport’ region. They rely on us fully to produce, fabricate and pack their dust-sensitive parts, components and sub-assemblies in our clean room’s protective atmosphere.


Naturally, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) play a vital role in all our processes. Nonetheless, you need the assurance that we can meet even your most stringent requirements – every step of the way. That’s why we use a state-of-the-art quality management system to safeguard all our processes.

Whether it’s the first or the hundredth, every item we produce is finished to the same exacting standard. How? Using 3D coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and special-purpose serration gauges in combination with meticulous process, product and final inspection procedures.

What’s more, you can rest assured that we can demonstrate production quality with full documentation and records. You’ll discover that quality runs in our blood, all thanks to our continuous investment in our staff and machinery.


Last but by no means least, safe and secure packing and shipping! For odd-shaped or odd-sized items or repeat orders, we prefer custom-made crates. Together, we discuss what’s the safest packing solution for each of your products or product categories. Options include custom-made crates and non-standard box and pallet sizes to find the optimal balance between weight and protection.

Find out about our other production processes – Sheet metalworking and Machining – or take a look at a selection of our finished products.


Drop us a line and talk to one of our gear-cutting specialists.
Whatever your challenge or requirement, we’re sure to have the solution!

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