Machinery to be proud of

Almost one hundred skilled sheet-metal professionals work with a range of modern CNC machining centres in a floor area of some 10,000 square metres.

Machinery full of attractive features

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Welcome to the Van Hoof Groep. We are happy to have you in our modern building located at Stikker 19 in Asten. On arrival at our grounds you can’t miss our displayed work of art: two components that, together, depict chips in the machining process. Designed by Henk Geel and made by our sheet-metal workshop, this work of art has been inextricably linked with the Van Hoof Groep since its opening in 1996.

2Work preparation

No matter what your challenge is, professionals at the Van Hoof Groep interpret every need into a realisable solution. Do you have a need for technical support, specialist knowledge or co-engineering? You’ll find the right people to resolve this at the work preparation department.

3Staff room

The beating heart of our company – in some respects at least – is our staff room. This is where we get together at 09:45 for a well-deserved coffee break, or to enjoy our meals at lunchtime, and where the evening shift can get a hot meal. An extra bit of relaxation is also possible at a table football table, dart board and in the garden.

4Gear cutting

Gear cutting and drive components are our speciality. We have extensive knowledge in this field and encounter minimal competition. This is also evident from the impressive list of machines and the best software that our gear cutting experts work with on a daily basis.


Liebherr LC500
  • Gear hobbing machine
  • Max. diameter Ø550mm
  • Max. module 11
Liebherr LFS380
  • Gear shaping machine
  • Internal robot with product magazine
  • Max. diameter Ø475mm
  • Max. module 8
Liebherr LCS380
  • Gear profile grinding machine
  • Max. diameter Ø450mm
  • Max. module 9
Lorenz SNJS
  • Conventional gear shaping machine
  • Max. diameter Ø550mm
  • Max. module 8
  • Whirling
  • Max. module 3.5
Liebherr LC82
  • Gear hobbing machine
  • Max. diameter Ø220mm
  • Max. module 3


From Okuma to Hermle to Hedelius to every milling processing centre that should be present in modern machinery with a high degree of automation. Our strength lies in small series, repetition orders and the development of new products as a pilot of a series.


Okuma MX55VA
  • Operating range 1050x560x400mm
  • With 4th axis
Okuma Spacecentre MA400HA
  • Operating range 500x600x500mm
  • Horizontal machining centre
  • Pallet exchanger
Hermle C40
  •  5 axes
  • Operating range 850x700x500mm
  • With robot and 117 pallet positions
Hermle C800U
  • 5 axes
  • Operating range 800x600x500mm
  • Rotatable table Ø600mm
Hermle U630T
  • Operating range 630x500x500mm
  • 3 axes vertical
Hedelius SK80
  • Oscillating processing machine
  • Operating range 3 axes: 1825x800x600mm
  • Operating range 4 axes: 1300x800x600mm
  • Operating range 5 axes: 800x800x600mm
  • Rotatable table Ø750mm
Okuma MU500VL
  • 5 axes
  • Operating range 500x600mm
Okuma M560Ve
  • Operating range 560x1300x600mm
  • 3 axes vertical


MIG/MAG welding or TIG welding? Stainless steel, aluminium or steel? Manually or with a robot? The options are endless, always offering a wonderful result. And all this, with the high degree of finishing that you’re used to from the Van Hoof Groep.


OTC type AX-MV6L
  • Max. product surface 2500x800mm
  • With manipulator
Stud welding
  • M3 t/m M10
CEA spot weld PPN 83
  • 80 KVA
Tecna spot weld
  • 48 KVA
  • Steel, aluminium and stainless steel
  • Steel, aluminium and stainless steel


When walking past our pressbrake collection, it feels like you’ve walked into a Trumpf showroom. Do you have a need for aesthetic, sustainable sheet-metal work in small series or single pieces? Then this is the right spot in our factory. If preferred, we make use of the bending machine or we’ll grind the product.


Trumpf Trubend 5230
  • 230 tonnes
  • 4,000mm
Trumpf Trubend 5050
  • 50 tonnes
  • 1,250mm
Trumpf Trubend 5130
  • 130 tonnes
  • 3,000mm
Trumpf Trubend 5170
  • 170 tonnes
  • 3,000mm
RAS Flexibend
  • Steel: 3000x3mm
  • Pallet bender


The Van Hoof Groep is also fully operational after office hours. We can laser and/or punch 24 hours a day with a stacker next to the laser/punching combination machine. This is possible in large series as a Jobber, but also for smaller series as a pilot for the rest of the production process.


Trulaser 5030L52
  • 6Kw
  • Steel: 3000x1500x20mm
  • Aluminium: 3000x1500x10mm
  • LiftMaster Compact with TruStore loader
Trumatic 7000
  • 3,5Kw
  • Steel: 3000x1500x4mm
  • Aluminium: 3000x1500x3mm
  • SheetMaster with TruStore loader
Euromac XP 750/25
  • Aluminium: 3000x1500x4mm
  • Steel: 4mm
  • Stainless teel: 3mm


Accurately up to well beyond the decimal point, maximum turning diameters up to Ø650 mm and six modern machines under one roof: these are the lathes at the Van Hoof Groep. As a gear cutting specialist, we can assure you that turning is a primary nature to us. Round means genuinely round. Our strength lies in small series, repetition orders and the development of new products.


Okuma LU15M
  • Max. turning diameter Ø400mm
  • 2 turrets
  • Power tools with bar feed
Okuma LB35M
  • Max. turning diameter Ø460mm
  • Powered tools
Okuma LB35
  • Max. turning diameter Ø500mm
Okuma Spaceturn LB300M robot
  • Max. turning diameter Ø225mm
  • With robot
Okuma Spaceturn LB300M
  • Max. turning diameter Ø300mm
Mazak Multiplex 620 Mark II
  • Max. turning diameter Ø210mm
  • With robot en double spindle
Okuma Simul Turn LU300 M
  • Turning/milling combination
  • Operating range Ø370x1500mm
  • Double spindle with bar feed
Takisawa TS25
  • Turning diameter Ø4 t/m Ø60mm
  • With robot and double spindle
Okuma Multus B400
  • Turning/milling combination
  • Operating range Ø400x2000mm
Okuma Macturn 350W
  • Turning/milling combination
  • Operating range Ø250x1500mm
  • Double spindle with bar feed
Colchester Triumph 2500
  • Conventional lathe
  • Max. turning diameter Ø250mm
  • With digital reading
Schaublin 125-CNC
  • Conventional lathe
  • Max. turning diameter Ø24mm


Whatever is collected or delivered, everyone is welcomed by our distribution staff. We also cater for special packaging preferences. Our components, modules and products are manufactured with the utmost care and we want to maintain that quality during transportation at all costs.


Quality inspection is a significant part of the entire process. In order to meet our clients standards, we need this to be a constant factor. To ensure a monitored process, we use a modern quality management system. This means you can always be sure that the product quality is supported with proper documentation.


Leitz Reference XE
  • 3D coordinate measuring machine
  • Measuring range 1000x600x600mm
Mitutoyo Lineair Height 600
  • Height gauge with face plate
  • Measuring range 1200x800x600mm
Klingelnberg P40
  • Serration gauge
  • Max. range Ø400mm
Mitutoyo SJ400
  • Surface roughness tester
Mitutoyo SJ500
  • Surface roughness tester
Innovatest 600MBDL
  • Rockwell hardness tester
Mitutoyo CV-500
  • Contracer
Nikon Shadowmaster
  • Shadow contour projector
Zoller SAT2 V420/E
  • Pre-setting tool


It makes perfect sense that we work for a wide range of high-tech companies in the heart of the Brainport region. The particle-sensitive parts, components or sub-assemblies that we produce, are carefully assembled and packaged in the protective atmosphere of our cleanroom.


  • Class 4
  • 10,000
Ultrasonic bath
  • 350x225x190mm
Hercaeus TU 75/100
  • Oven
  • Up to 250°C
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