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about us

The Van Hoof Groep was created as supplier in metal. The idea for this valuable form
emerged at HMF Nederland. With the arrival of Van Eijk Transmissie and NIMA
Speciaalwerk the umbrella organization was founded, aiming for more collaboration,
exchange of knowledge and synergy.

the benefits of this partnership

  • - Working from one single contact
  • - The convenience of everything under one roof
  • - Insight in responsibilities
  • - Fast and flexible production

 van hoof groep corporate profile

We are proud to state that the Van Hoof Groep is a Brabant based family  business that has been active in the metal industry for
over forty years. How NIMA Speciaalwerk, Van Eijk Transmissie and HMF Nederland eventually formed the  Van Hoof Groep, you’ll discover when you read more about the subsidiaries. 

about the subsidieries